How to Set up Webcam

Once you have applied for an account we will send you the login details for your account, then all you have to do is follow the instructions below and your ready to start earning big money!

In order to show your viewers you are online you need to be logged into JustCamIt, our webcam software.
When logged in your button will change to “I’M ONLINE”
Click here to download and install the software.

Mac users can login online to the lite version at
(Please note the downloaded software offers a more superior video quality and bandwidth control.)
Please Note: The web version does not accept video chats from mobile and tablet users.

Your JustCamIt login information is:
Server :production2
Account ID :232784
Username :xxxxxx
Password :xxxxxx

Watch the JustCamIt video below

Once you have downloaded and installed the JustCamIt software follow the steps below
Login into JustCamIt Software Connecting the video feed, then make sure your button has changed to green!

Once you have set up the webcam software on your laptop just login, and you’re good to go! Check that your button has gone green, When you want to check your balance on your account, All you have to do is login here