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Miss Jessica Wood


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#1:Β Interact with your followers


Interact with your followers. Even if it’s just a one-word answer they will appreciate that. Imagine if you were tweeting someone you admired and they replied!


Building relationships between your fans and yourself will build a more positive community.


I rarely get offensive tweets as I treat my followers with respect and they do the same with me.


Miss Jessica Wood

Mistress Bryce Jones


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#I have a great twitter presence


I have a great twitter presence because, I say things as they are, if it’s quite I do not pretend I am booked up,

I consider myself as good as my last session, I know I am an expert in all fetish but always strive for perfection, I know that sticking one finger up on a photo does not make a mistress.

Beauty is in the skills of a good dominant within a session, not the best photo, when I open my mouth I make sense pretenders do not get repeat visitors. Golden rule! Be genuine, give value.


Miss Bryce Jones

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