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Important!! You must promote yourself if you want to make money with web cam you need to advertise in as many places as you can, use social networking sites like twitter, and face book, telling everyone when you’re going online and a brief description of your show.

A good webcam model should pose and include some occasional flashes here and there. Ignore demanding and begging comments totally, or better yet, encourage them! Having hundreds of customers all worked up, begging and demanding is what you want. Customers like to see you are popular and understanding of their state of mind. They also like to think of themselves as your saviour coming to your rescue, and taking you away from all the madness created by other visitors. You want to drive your customers crazy enough to forget their fears and sign up to purchase a private show. The more buzz you create in your room, the more customers you will attract. Always remember that you are a performer, an actress, not just a webcam model, and you should do everything possible to give an inspired performance full of flirting, teasing, laughing, quick flashing, and just overall driving them crazy with your charm and suggestiveness. Remember, guests are looking for an erotic experience, and it’s up to you to fulfil their expectations with your acting skills. So always plan your show carefully so as not to disappoint.

� � Always try to look and act your best, as your appearance and unique personality will determine your success.
� � Females: Wear matching, sexy and fun outfits and high heels, whenever possible. Have your fingernails and toenails painted, and facial makeup applied evenly. Your hair should be nicely styled as if you are going out on a hot date.
� � Males: Wear a tanktop, unbuttoned shirt, or preferably no shirt at all. Have your hair groomed and facial hair trimmed if needed.
� � Place your webcam close to the screen that you are reading, so it appears that you are looking into the camera when you are reading the chat.
� � Always have plenty of light on you for the webcam to show clear video.
� � Make sure your microphone is always turned on when you are online, as customers usually love hearing your voice. You will always sell more webcam shows and make more money by talking, not typing.
� � Try to take quick notes after each chat, so you remember each customer next time they come back to your room. If you don’t remember them, and they act like you should, always pretend that you do, as noone wants to feel fogrotten.
� � Always address customers by their screen nicknames as often as possible, especially when you ask them questions.
� � Laugh often and always smile, as the way you carry yourself can be more important then the way you look.
� � If you have to do anything that’s not sexy, try to do it outside the webcam frame or simply log out and let customers know that are going on break.
� � Always find a way to say yes to every request, fun flirty and creative when you are teasing the customers.
� � Keep all your toys handy and ready to go at the start of every show.
� � Answer all questions and requests to do things right away, customers want to make sure webcam models won’t waste their time or money once in private.
� � Spread your attention around. Make every customer want to take you away from the other people in the chat room.
� � You’re a star to all of your visitors, so winking, blowing kisses, and providing brief individual attention is the key to getting more paid time.
� � Make sure to let customers know when you are scheduled for your next couple of shifts, and always update your online schedule.
� � Remember, a webcam job is like most other jobs, as you have to commit to it, and put in the long hours it takes to make the most money, and build a stable client base which will keep coming back for more again and again!

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